We prepare, design and impart training activities, according with strategic plans, corporate training and positions of our clients. We work with different methodologies (in-company, outdoor-training, e-learning,).

We work with diverse methodologies (in-company, outdoor-training, e-learning) adapting them to each action and objective. Likewise and taking into account the potential of our trainers and their extensive experience in HR, TEAMBPLUS offers HR Consulting services tailored to each need, from the Diagnostic phase to the Implementation , Evaluation and Monitoring (DPT's, Internal Work Processes- ISO, Development of Career Plans, Development of Training Plans or Tailor-made Itineraries, participation in Internal Promotions, Performance Evaluation Plan, Reception Plans, etc.)

We work on the internalization of the values of each client company, as well as strengthening competencies and subcompetencies (more than 30 listed and referenced) associated with the job and linked to it, as well as in their personal and professional development, focusing on the training actions that be designed.