Teambplus offers its current and future integral solutions in HR, CSR and Corporate Events.


The positioning of each person in the company and its development is a key to all and therefore we seek to work continuously and progressively. In order to achieve continuous improvement and adaptation to the changing environment and at the same time full of opportunities.

Our philosophy is always aligned with the needs of the client, project to work and develop together.

We create many forms of work as different types of customers or develop projects.

In the Human Resources and Training Area, the possibility of working with different methodologies provides plasticity, adaptability and reliability to the customer.

The objectivity at detecting time of needs is a basic to ensure the success of the entire project. We use psychometric tools recognized internationally to promote the contribution of objectivity. 


We study the preferences of behavior with a great validity statistics and continuous recognition from HR sector.

Regarding to Business and Corporate Events, the work system is straightforward, accurate and detail of everything that gives the customer a differentiating value. Work together and hand in hand with our customers and suppliers, provide the highest quality, value and a sense in all projects we work.

Teambplus consists of a multidisciplinary and heterogeneous team in continuous evolution and personal growth. The professionals who are part of it, we derive from different sectors and professional categories. From the world of Tourism, Marketing, Sport, Management and Sales and HR and Organizational Psychology, adding value and integrating innovative work systems and continuous customer adaptation


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As essence

I borrow from the sports world to which I belong actively and always reinforcing these values : team effort, performance, continuous improvement, monitoring, challenges, etc. And in collaboration with our team, we apply these values and transmit them to all levels and Teambplus projects (HR and / or Events).


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"Pure red to yellow
and High Impact Techniques"

Full of Energy, passion, creativity, innovation and continuous development and progress towards the distinguishing and added value which we bring to our clients and their work teams. Always without losing the course, customization and adaptation to everything we touch, working on the Self-confidence, self-development and permanent motivation

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"Learn playing"

Playing and taking out the child we carry inside and being able to continue growing and developing as people and professionals in the great world of labor competencies, as well as the relationship and correlation with the CSR.



Comprehensive services between areas

Teambplus provides the knowledge, experience and the ability to offer products that connect different areas of the company which at the beginning would have no linkage.
By means of research and going into detail about those connected points, we design unifying projects which allow benefiting from some bonus and grants.

Bringing objectivity to projects

Continuously training and updating apply to HR tools and their areas, also accredited in different psychometric tools validated internationally and their correct applicability . Teambplus Objectivity brings to personal processes of training, development and HR in general. Looking depersonalize processes directly related to employees and partners , to bring that element to the projects and ensure the short, medium and long term success in all projects.

Customization and tracking

Every project designed and produced is customized to every need, client and purpose. Providing this value gives the participant confidence and pride of belonging which strengthens himself versus the same team, department and company.
Therefore, we give to every project a personal assessment after the execution, monitoring or evaluation approach to continue working objectives and in conclusion, to give continuity to the project.