Teambuilding experience

From the goals established by each client for the convention or training, TEAMBPLUS designs, prepares and performs the teambuilding activities. Surprising the attendees is always the TEAMBPLUS engine, directly affecting the daily lives at jobs in order to reinforce values and objectives.

Some examples of activities such as creating your melody, illustrating the company or department values, promoting creativity with painting activities, graffiti, creative cooking workshops, making handmade toys for social purposes, discovering hidden enigmas, escapism activities, technological gymkhanas in different cities (Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, etc.) Also High Impact Dynamics: breaking arrow, glasswalking (walking on glass), firewalking (walking on embers), bending steel bars or even splitting a wood in the pure karate style.

All activities are designed to generate a great positive impact on the team, breaking down barriers and fears that limit their potential and promoting team cohesion and pride in belonging to the company.