• Firewalking – High impact tool

    Firewalking – High impact tool

    “Clear skies, gentle breezes, ice cold healing fire” The more we experience in first hand, the faster we learn. When…


  • Mission Impossible

    Mission Impossible

    The technology involved in science comes into dispute in this experience. The goal will be to find the antidote that…


  • Let’s cook

    Let’s cook

    The art in the kitchen, creativity and innovation without forgetting the basics in this area will be the objectives to…


  • Graffiti Experience

    Graffiti Experience

    The objective of this experience is to become masters at the graffiti art. Also linking to the values and marketing…


  • Geppetto Experience

    Geppetto Experience

    With the advice of skilled craftsmen, we create products of delicate manipulation. Then we favour creativity, adaptability and management of…


  • Classic Teambuilding

    Classic Teambuilding

    It consists on a circuit of classic activities with basic elements oriented to motivate teambuilding. All with an interactive action…


  • Management Experiences

    Management Experiences

    Some of our programs are: FEEL THE GRIP: To work competences and sub competences of leadership and communication on the…


  • Glasswalking – High impact tool

    Glasswalking – High impact tool

    When you change your beliefs, you change your behaviour. When you change your behaviour, you change your life. The more…