Coaching and development

Companies are alive and their evolution and development is directly linked to its employees and collaborators.

TEAMBPLUS works in these areas providing objectivity, exclusivity, creativity and innovation and customizing all those products to achieve the purpose initially raised. We work with different methodologies and psychometric tools of international recognition, we add value to projects and together with our customer we encourage employee involvement in all tasks carried out.

Participate in an internal promotion, organizational change or relocation will be elements that can be worked and always guarantee success, by working methodology TEAMBPLUS.

It emphasizes the IN-YOU methodology itself and exclusive, adaptable to each company and to the need and solved by references and projects of previous success. The figure of the Facilitator / Coach based on different aspects (NLP, High Impact, Manual Thinking, Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology, Sports Psychology etc. and our officially accredited staff) bring value and make the person, consequently the teams develop and its effect lasts in time.